The Pre-Paid Recharge Industry

The telecom industry in India is growing at breakneck speed, and the majority of the growth is contributed by the wireless or mobile segment.

As per the TRAI latest release India is having 91 Cr Telecom Subscribers out of 88 Cr are Mobile Subscribers. What is even more interesting is that a majority of the wireless connections, almost 95% of them are prepaid

Given an ARPU of around Rs 300, we can assume that an average recharge is Rs 300 per month, or Rs 3600 per year. Based on these numbers, the recharge industry size works out to be approximately Rs. 3 Lakh Cr per year.

Talking of DTH, though the number of players in this sector are few, they are also reportedly expanding at 50-60%. India's TV viewership is believed to be the second highest in the world and is expected to swell up to 5 – 6 Cr by the end of 2012. The installed base of DTH is very small compared to this number. So, this space also remains mostly untapped and could offer a big opportunity.

Unique Features of QUICK PAY

Mobile, DTH, Data Card & Postpaid Bills

  • Easy Navigation Menu's
  • Auto Detecting Operator and Circle
  • Supports All Operators & Circles
  • 24 x 7 Instant Recharge
  • Instant Recharge (Less than 3 seconds)
  • Single Balance for all Services
  • Postpaid Bill Payment Service
  • Utility Bill Payments (Electricity, GAS, Insurance)
  • All Operators & Circle Recharge Plans & Offers Integrated s


High Commission Structure

  • Industry Best Commission Sharing (Upto 95% Margin Sharing )
  • Option to set different Commission Structure for each Distributors & Retailers
  • Option to configure Surcharge for Postpaid Operators s
  • Complete Commission Details & Reports

Wide Range of Recharging Options

We are proud that "QUICK PAY" is the Only Company in India having Wide Range of Recharging Options.

  • SMS Based Module - Offline
  • Web Based Module - Online
  • Desktop Application (Linux, Windows & Mac) - Online
  • Robust Recharge API's
  • J2ME Application (GRPS & SMS Based) Supports on all JAVA Phones - Offline & Online
  • Android Application (GRPS & SMS Based) - Offline & Online
  • Simple WAP Site - Online
  • Dial In Recharge (Coming Soon) - Offline

Intelligent Features

Not Just A Recharge Panel loaded with many industry first intelligent features which will help you to save your valuable time and effort.

Recharge Credit Sheet : A handy tool for end retailers who are giving credit facility to their recharge customers like recharge requests received through telephone,email,oral, sms or any other methods. Retailer can track the complete details from the new menu called "Credit Sheet", retailer can also update the "Credit Sheet" status when customer cleared the dues.

Mark As Credit Wallet Transactions : When you are adding Credit to your Customers you will have an option for mark a particular transaction into Credit Sheet. You will also have the option to delete the transaction from credit sheet when your customer clears the due amount.

Auto Recharge : "PENDING" status are common in the recharge industry from all operator side and customers hate this status but here If you are getting "PENDING" status for a transaction then you will get an option to choose Auto Recharge - ON/OFF if selected ON then the transaction will retry when the status changed to "REVERSED" in the same day for prepaid mobile and 2 days for DTH Recharges.

Auto Credit : It is very useful feature for those who are always not available to add credits into their customer's wallet. If Auto Credit is enabled in a customer account then their "Wallet" will get auto updated with an amount specified by you when their balance goes below than a specified amount set by you.


Offline SMS Based Recharge Mode

We understand the difficulties of the end users those who don't have Internet Access so we have included Offline based SMS Based Recharge System also

You can install our Mobile Application and change the settings to SMS Based so our application will automatically construct and send the SMS to the Server Number

In case you don't have the Mobile Application installed in your mobile you can simple send an SMS with correct format to the Server Number

Recharge Desktop Software (Windows , Linux & Mac)

Industry first Multi Version One Stop Recharge Software


  • Downloadable Recharge Desktop Software
  • Compatible with Windows,Linux & Mac



100% Transparent Reports with 360 Degree Operator & Circle Wise Reports

  • 360 Degree view of Recharge History & Commission Earned
  • Graphical Analytic Charts for Business Development
  • Export & Filter Recharge Transactions into Excel
  • Operator Wise & Circle Wise Reports for Business Development
  • Print/Download/Email Bill & Recharge Receipts

Available in 8 Regional Language

India's First Multi Language Recharge Website Available in 8 Indian Languages

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Billing & Support System

  • Integrated Billing System with Payment Update Form
  • Automated Payment Update System
  • Auto Reconciliation of Disputed Recharges
  • 100% Transparent Billing & Reports
  • Centralized Ticket Based & SMS Based Support
  • Transfer Recharge Credit through SMS/Mobile Apps

Mobile Application (JAVA & Android)

Our Mobile Application has 2 modules

1) SMS Module

2) GPRS Based Module

SMS Based Module

SMS Module works by sending SMS from your SIM Card to our Server Number, like how you are using our SMS Based Recharge. Once the application is installed on your mobile you don't need to draft any messages, once the settings is saved you only need to open the application and Select the Operator -> Enter Mobile Number -> Confirm Mobile Number -> Enter Recharge Amount and Just Submit. Application will automatically send SMS and give you the confirmation via SMS

GPRS Based Module

GPRS Module works exactly how SMS Module works but instead of sending SMS request to server GPRS Module uses GPRS connection to communicate with our Server, in order to use this module GPRS connection should be enabled on your Mobile Phone. Works with GPRS and SMS Based (Offline)

  • Works with GPRS and SMS Based (Offline)
  • Supports all JAVA Enabled Phones (Almost all Phones)
  • Android Version (GPRS & SMS)
  • Easy to Install & Configure
  • Credit & Debit Option
  • Option to Get Reports between 2 days
  • Change & Forget PIN
  • Raise Dispute Ticket
  • Check Transaction/Dispute Status
  • Option to Recharge from Phone Contacts
  • Mark as Credit feature integrated for Recharge & Credit Transactions.
  • All Operators & Circle Recharge Plans & Offers Integrated s

Automatic Reconciliation


  • Fully automatic refund for failure transactions
  • No Request | No Emails | No Calls Required
  • Refund within 2 hours*


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